Why Bisexual & Gay cannot knuckle under the minority is subordinate to the majority?

People often talk about a concept when they cannot make all people agree one thing. That is the minority is subordinate to the majority. Does it right? I think everyone living in social has experienced it. So, there is a problem. Gay & bisexual come out whether should follow the rule minority is subordinate to the majority. They can't join a bisexual dating or gay dating without scruple.

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In most people’s eyes, LGBTQ people should live their life. Fall in love with an opposite sex people, and married with him/her, then have a baby, this is most happiness life in their eyes. But only pregnant woman knows how pain it is to parturition. Only your stomach knows whether you are hungry. Only bisexual & gay knows whether they want the life like a straight people. Do you agree with me, if you are a bisexual or gay?

Why the laws about whether bisexual & gay’s marriage is legal should be decided by all people? Because the minority should subordinate to the majority? A lot of bisexual & gay have fight for the right of legal marriage. Some of them succeed, but most of bisexual & gay were fallen. This problem become a trouble that most people connive bisexual & gay’s come out but don’t admit it is legitimate. Only few countries admit bisexual & gay’s marriage is legal.

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Since 2000, one country start the first step, second step at 3 years later, and then the third, fourth…
They are 2000 Netherlands, 2003 Belgium, 2005 Spain, 2005 Canada, 2006 South Africa, 2009 Norway, 2009 Sweden, 2010 Argentina, 2010 Iceland, 2010 Portugal, 2012 Denmark, 2013 Brazil, 2013 England, 2013 Welsh, 2013 France, 2012 Uruguay, 2015 Luxembourg, 2014 Scotland, 2015 Finland, 2015 America.

Do you think it’s a great news for bisexual & gay? Because more and more country begin to join the group that admit gay’s marriage is legal. Yeah, it is right, all the bisexual & gay should feel happy. But let’s notice the way of validity. All the laws were passed by vote. It means every bisexual & gay’s marriage should ask everyone’s permission. Does it a satire? On the other hand, most people are support bisexual & gay. It’s really a good news. Because they understand that true love is the most important things in the world. It should be protected. I think it’s the reason why so much people support bisexual & gay.

In general, this is the best result for bisexual & gay. But bisexual & gay’s world don’t need the minority is subordinate to the majority. We need real freedom to choose lover. One day we can hand in hand with our partner on the street, don’t need to care about people’s eye. One day we can get married, no one come to stop us. One day every bisexual & gay can enjoy their life, and says the life is great. That day, we can proud to say we don’t need to sacrifice anyone’s life to protect so-called freedom.