Find bisexual women to have dating.

I’m a bisexual. But I identify to be straight in a long time. When I was young, I have no obvious preference to male and female. There is no different feeling between both genders in my eyes. When I heard the word “bisexual”, I was surprised. And I feel bisexual is very amazing. At the same time I begin my first love. With a good looking guy. 

I’m interest in the love very much in few months of beginning. We take photos, eat ice-cream, camp out, join party, almost get together to do everything. I feel very happiness. But I don’t notice that something has changed. Every time we have sex, I cannot keep my focus on him. I even feel a litter bored. Am I a lesbian? I asked myself. I think I’m not a lesbian at that time. I’m sure there are something of him attract me. I don’t feel very heartbeat to girls. This is very strange. We part after a month. A litter regret, a little liberation and a little exciting, this is my real feeling. But I still don’t realize that I’m a bisexual. Until I joined a party. 

That is a normal single party. All the participant must be the less than 35 years old. I’m a very beautiful girl. I didn’t mention above. Because of this many guys even girls accost to me. But I still walking to a desk in the corner. A boy and a girl sit there. May I sit here? Yes, of cause. They answer me almost at the same time. We don’t know each other before. I’m very sure. I just feel that they attract me. I want to talk with them. 

We drink too much and talk for a long time. We didn’t come home after the party. Yes, we have a threesome. I know who I’m at that night. I’m a bisexual. It’s really a crazy night. When I have sex with the man, the feeling just like have sex with my re-boyfriend. But when the woman start kiss me, I feel exciting. With she kiss my lips and papilla almost orgasm. I follow her action to kiss her, then I found that she has the same feeling with me. She is a lesbian, just want to experience having sex with a man. The man is straight. In his eyes, last night is amazing experience. Having sex with both bisexual and lesbian. 

After that, I begin to dating with girl. I love the feeling of having sex with girl. For now I don’t reject to have sex with man. But there should have a threesome dating. I need to have sex with both woman and man. So that I have found a bisexual women on the bisexual dating site. She has the same situation with me. We live together now. And we will looking for man to have threesome without day. He must be the person we both like. In other people’s eyes, we are lesbian. But in fact, we are bisexual. 

We all enjoy the "lesbian" life now. God choose us to be bisexual. We choose to live an exciting bisexual life.