Experience of a bisexual woman.

Female, Zoe, live in Los Angeles, bisexual.

bisexual online date and have fun

The first time have sex with male:
We all drink a lot wine. We love each other, no blood no pain and everything goes naturally. The only thing I feel uncomfortable is a hard object foist into my vagina. And the sticky seminal fluid make me feel sick.

The first time have sex with female:
I cannot make loud sexual sounds because there are other people around us. So that I don’t enjoy myself to the full. But I’m very exciting and my body cannot help to tremble. I’m almost to screaming when her finger foist into my vagina.

The rate of orgasm and the amount of have sex with male, female:
The male is in the majority. There is only one time I get orgasm when have sex with male. The sense of control and service is more important than the orgasm.
While having sex with women developed their own physiological climax frequently. So that I can experience the feeling of Clitoris high tide.

Which one to choose:
I prefer to have sex with female, because it have more possibility and I want to explore it.
Sometimes I want have simple sex but I still expect to have complex sex. I like Sentimental relationship but sometime I’m fed up with emotional beggar. The relationship of “sex” and “love” is symbiotic but they are different.

My straight friends (Both male and female) often ask me implicit: “How does a female have sex with another female?” My answer is “as same as have sex with male, maybe better”. I think their question is “How does two female have sex without dick”.

In fact, I have ever curious about it. I have no question after having sex with a female. For my experience, dick isn’t the requisite. We are more free and creative.