Many bisexual will make these mistakes when having sex.

Half Bi people spend less than 3 minutes to the sexual foreplay. 

Survey shows that 12.7% of bisexual people have no foreplay. They often have sex directly. 41.31% of bisexual people have the foreplay within 3 minutes. In other words, more than half of the people have foreplay less than 3minutes.

Complete sex should include three parts; foreplay, have sex, backstage. And the time distribution of the three parts should follow the principle of 2:3:3. In general, the sex time is better to persistent about 20 minutes, then both male and female with achieve sexual satisfaction. So the foreplay is better account for about 6 minutes. And the foreplay time should increase with the age. So that the body have enough time to prepare, and help you meet the high quality of sex.

This is the general condition. If you are the bisexual keep on having threesome dating. You will need more time to foreplay.

The main way to foreplay is cuddle and kiss. 

What do you have done before entering the substantive sex? The survey shows that cuddling and kissing (tongue, earlobe, neck, back, etc.) account for 70% in bisexual’s whole sex. The best “bisexual foreplay” should meet the four needs of human vision, touch, smell, and hearing. Use lights and music to create an atmosphere. Say some provocative words, breathing community, there are many sex styles worth bisexual couple to have a try. If you are bisexual single, you can try different styles at every dating. I think you will get more fun. Or join a threesome dating, date with both gay, straight. Straight and gay could try to join bisexual dating too, if you are bisexual curious.

60% of bisexuals are dissatisfaction with sex time. 

26.28% of bisexual’s sex time less than 5 minutes, 37.96% bisexual’s sex time between 6-15 minutes. At the same time, more than 60% bisexual feel “dissatisfied” or “average performance” for their sex time.

No matter bisexual, gay or straight, they always concerned the sex time too much, especially male. In fact, the sex time of other countries are not as long as people imagine. The average sex time of multiple countries is 4 minutes and 24 seconds; the longest is 44 minutes, the shortest only keep on 30 seconds.

The sex time is better to last 3-7 minutes. For many females, a long time sex will not bring pleasure, but may affect the climax. Appropriate cuddle and kiss after sex is better than have a long time sex.

40% of bisexual have no after sex scene. 

In Europe countries, 40% of bisexual men will not pacify wife after having sex. If have no this step, male will have the idea that “he is only vent and don’t care about me”. Hug for a while, chat for minutes after having sex could play a very good emotional lubrication.

If you are married bisexual, take good care of your wife/husband. If you are bisexual single, try to have sex like above then you will get better sex experience. If you are bisexual curious or looking for threesome dating, you can try to join them. If you have no idea, join us!