The unique bisexual life of a woman.

Jim is a 32 years old bisexual. He has many hobbies and interests and always full of juice. That is winter in 1996, Jim meet Rose at a literature party. They fall in love with each other at the party. “She is very beautiful and we have many common interests” Jim said. He think that the beauty is regardless of gender. At the same time, he didn’t deny there is desire for gay in his heart. But this time, he meet a really good girl. Pressure his desire to gay. “Much less, I have no chance to fall in love with a boy” he said.

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Three years past, both Jim and Rose feel that they cannot leave each other anymore. Build a family is a good idea. “I love Rose very much, but it is not enough, I cannot give up my inborn secret” he said. In fact, he has find out the secret in his mind before married with Rose.

“I found I love the same sex at a very early age, but I will not live with a man”. The reason why he make the decision is that it’s difficult to live a normal life in the country as a gay. He would rather others call him bisexual. But in fact, the most part of his heart is gay. “I don’t think that I betrayed someone all something, if betrayed was exist, I think my marriage has betrayed the most part of my heart”. “My love for male is one kind of supplement to the beauty of live, human always chase the beautiful things, it seems that my destination is different to others”.

Jim want to find a gay love on the internet. He chat with different people with different name. He always told the story “The Bridge of Madison County” to the people whom ask him the question “are you married?” Obviously, none of single gay care about his story. In their eyes, a gay married with a woman is one kind of hurt to both of them. “They are pure homosexual” Jim said.

Not all the gay refused to date with Jim, but they always have other purposes. “I just drink tea with them when date with these gays, I’m afraid of infectious disease”. Jim has more scruples than these gays, What Jim think most is how to protect his wife and family from disaster.
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“The most important thing is I need a stable relationship” Jim think that the relationship between gays should like the relationship between him and Rose.

In 2010, Jim meet a married gay on the bisexual dating site. “My first question is can you responsible for your family”. “I don’t want the relationship with my wife been influenced and changed by my gay identity” Jim think that he should try the best to keep stable of family life, and he called this “responsibility”.