Some experience about bisexual dating.

I met someone on the social site. They were looking for someone to chat with. Their first words is “I’m bi, can you chat with me”. Have you ever say the same words? But in fact, few lucky guys will receive a response. The internet make people more close. This is the reason why so many bisexuals want to find bisexual dating on internet. But it become a wall between the chat people.

When you chat with someone, all you know is his/her words. Maybe you will have a video chat. But that’s all. Do you think about the distance between you? Maybe you are in the northern hemisphere, he/she is in the southern hemisphere. Can you have a date someday? At first, both of you have many words to chat. As time goes on, you have no words to say. Do you still remember your purpose to chat with her/him at that time? Actually, you just want get away from the bored life. Just happen to you is a bisexual.

Many modern people have the same situation. But you are a bisexual. Different from straight and gay. They have no choice to the partner, straight must choose an opposite sexual partner; gay must choose a same sexual partner. But how about bisexual? Bisexual has more two choices. I think most bisexuals choose to life like a straight. Are you willing to give up explore yourself? Few bisexual’s answer is not. They want to date with gay, want to have sex with the same sexual. This is the experience someone cannot understand the rest of their life.

Have sex with both male and female is the pleasure of bisexual’s life. The purpose of gay & straight have threesome with bisexual is they want to experience the pleasure. But only bisexual can really enjoy the threesome date. To be a whole bisexual is very difficult. But if you make up your mind to do. You will find out it’s so easy. There are many bisexual date sites on the internet. Use them to find your partner. It’s very fast and safe. Date with straight, date with gay, have a threesome; what you should do is enjoy you date.