A woman's bisexual life.

bisexual online date and have fun

I’m a bisexual. My underarm has long hair when 14 years old. I can see it when looked in the mirror. I fall in love with a lovely girl in drama class. Her passion like the fire, she is so lovely that her smile can touch my soul. She is my partner during in senior high school. We will looking for happiness together. Our first date is in my bedroom. It’s the first time we have sex. We give our virginity to each other. I enjoyed very second at that moment.

Many years later, a young gentleman walk to my booth. He is very strong and with smile on his face. I’m handing out the toothbrush in the community health garden party at that time. I must date with him and kiss him, I spoke to myself. It very important for me to have date with a male. I think I will immersed in the pure sex for at least half second.

I ask myself whether I touch him more than my partner in senior high school. I don’t think so. But whether the experience of having sex with my partner in high school is more important for me. Of course yes. I loved her. Does the two relationship disturb each other? No, of course not. Although both of them full of love and lust. Essentially, sex orientation is not only care about have sex, but also it care about the love and community.

The curious of bisexual have trapped and imprisoned me in the past. I feel very ashamed when I first went to the therapist. I have dated with someone before my wedding. Needless to say, I had threesome dating in the past, more than once. In fact, I am a bisexual.

Many writers have highly praised believe that sexual orientation is one kind of way to attract by the gonads. As if it can be determined by choosing the gender of date partner. It’s so ridiculous.

This viewpoint is a kind of insult. I had research human sexuality for many years. I learned six point below after understanding its complexity, observed and instability (I have worked with four thousand customers).

1. The male can enjoy have sex with male, he also will enjoy have sex will female. And vice versa.

2. For many people, the sign of falling in love with someone is not just physical attraction, but also establish the mood of the contact between each other.

3. After male have sex with female, it does not mean that they are afraid of commitment or sexually active.

4. If bisexual loves someone, they can also follow the monogamy.

5. Bisexual have nothing to do with cowardice.

6. Bisexuality isn’t just one thing: it is one kind of biological phenomenon as heterosexual.